We aim to tackle today’s challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. From cultivating sustainable, job-ready workforces to guiding our clients through the ever-evolving landscape of work, we’re dedicated to driving real impact across many industries.

We help clients understand the series of new normals of hybrid working, how to upskill and reskill their people effectively, what future skills might be needed in one, five or ten years and how to build the future-proof digital technologies and structures to deliver them.

Our Mission

We are not a conventional research centre, although enquiry is at the heart of what we do. We are not a futures institute, although our minds are constantly on how where we are now will become the future. We are not a conventional innovation lab, although invention is an activity we are engaged in daily.

Our Capabilities

We speak the language of the market, doing translational research and building customer-centric and revenue-generating products and services. We have extensive experience — only usually found in global consultancies — in strategic and operational consulting for blue-chip organisations worldwide.

Our Partners and Stakeholders

Our clients, partners, and stakeholders include many small, medium, and large companies across many industry sectors. We engage locally and globally at scale, working flexibly and purposefully to serve our stakeholders’ needs.

Our People

Our team comprises a team of Melbourne-based Development Partners and a global network of industry Fellows. Our Development Partners are independent contributors with established careers and reputations in their respective fields.

Our Projects and Themes

The universe of the ‘Future of Work’ is enormous, but its agenda has been impoverished by being too narrow, too theoretical and disconnected from the rapidly changing social, cultural, economic, political and technological landscape. 


We bring a commercial perspective to the College of Vocational Education at RMIT University and the broader RMIT University ecosystem and engage with a wide range of industries.

Our Products and Services

We customise a wide array of products and services for delivery to specific clients. Our ecosystem partners offer many of these, and we help craft custom offers for local or international delivery.