Our Capabilities.

Our Capabilities.

We have extensive experience — only usually found in global consultancies — in providing strategic advice, research, project management and delivery for blue-chip organisations worldwide.

Our team has worked with multinational clients and Australian businesses across many disciplines and industries. We are equally comfortable working with the CEO or the global research leader to help identify needs, solve problems and create innovative solutions in the future of work and workforce transformation.

As part of a global university of technology, design and enterprise, we also have applied and translational research capabilities, deep research programme management experience and strategic research capabilities that mean we can deliver impactful outcomes on tight timescales.


Leadership Development

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We help prepare current and future leaders for the evolving demands of the modern workplace, particularly in the context of rapid technological, social, and economic changes. We focus on fostering leadership qualities that are adaptive, visionary, and ready for the future of work.


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Practical and effective project evaluation has become essential. It’s more than just examining outcomes; it’s an exploration of the project’s journey, shedding light on the underlying reasons for its success or failure. Deep narratives and critical insights are needed to foster strategic learning, optimisation, and impact.

Research and Discovery

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Research and discovery are central to exploring and shaping the future of work. Our capabilities are rooted in a comprehensive, innovative, and collaborative approach to research. We are interdisciplinary, collaborative and global. Our ecosystem can flex to meet the needs of longer-term academic research programmes and beneficiary-grounded translational research.


We offer services designed to support growth and adaptability, focusing on the future of work and workforce transformation. We aim to equip organisations with the foresight, skills, and strategies necessary to thrive in a future characterised by constant change and innovation.


We have a broad range of design capabilities central to our mission of exploring and shaping the future of work. These capabilities are centred around innovative design thinking and methodologies that cater to the evolving needs of various industries.


We help organisations navigate the complexities of the future of work and to anticipate, adapt, and thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of work and technology. Our future-facing insights enable organisations to plan strategically for change by understanding and anticipating work, technology, and societal trends.


We support organisations that wish to implement their projects in the future of work and digital transformation. We especially focus on how we prepare and support organisations through the change process, ensuring the smooth adoption of new processes, technologies, and working methods.

Digital Transformation

We recognise the critical role of technology in shaping the future of work. Our services are designed to facilitate the integration of digital technologies into operations while ensuring strategic alignment with the organisation’s goals and culture.

People and Organisational Change

Transforming workplace cultures, structures, and practices is complex. Our services are designed to help organisations effectively manage the human aspect of change, ensuring a smooth transition and alignment with future work trends.