Our Mission.

Our Mission.

Being unprepared for the future has never been sensible. Now more than ever.

With the long tail of the pandemic, the disruption of generative AI, geopolitical and economic instability, talent scarcity, and a workforce increasingly demanding about how, when, and where they work and wanting highly flexible career paths, we are at a moment of opportunity—or hazard.

Organisations that prepare can reap the rewards of profitability, growth, and sustainability. Those who rethink their structure and operations, management and leadership, and how they deal with people in their ecosystem will succeed. Those that remain within the established paths will degrade and fail. Future-facing foresight is a necessity.

RMIT FORWARD works with partners who want to understand what the future of work brings — whether that’s the series of new normals of hybrid working, how to upskill and reskill their people effectively, what future skills might be needed in one, five or ten years, and how to build the future-proof digital technologies and structures to deliver them.

A global value-creating ecosystem. We have reimagined how we create value by putting ecosystems at the heart of our thinking. We have a team of Development Partners in Melbourne, each of whom is an independent contributor with an established career and reputation in their respective fields. They bring deep knowledge and experience, extensive networks and an ability to make things happen. Also part of our ecosystem are 40 Industry Fellows from around the globe who work with us to deepen our knowledge and accelerate outcomes.

An agile-infused way of working. We’ve adopted a unique set of cutting-edge methodologies and tools. These include ideation strategies, applied research methods such as ethnography or design thinking, innovation metrics, value proposition design, business model canvases, business model patterns and more — all in our agile-infused way of working.

Calibrated for success. This modern approach, calibrated to the practices of the world’s most successful and innovative companies, allows us to rapidly identify problems with pinpoint accuracy and work to ideate and iterate towards solutions. We believe in transparency, inclusivity, and fostering a culture of safety and belonging. Here, ideas flourish, and innovation thrives, fuelled by the courage to push boundaries.

Peter Thomas from RMIT FORWARD on Medium

The ‘Future of Work’

TVs stand in an empty office.

While it can be fun and interesting to speculate about the next five, ten, or twenty years, maybe the whole thing is fundamentally fruitless.

Pete Cohen from RMIT FORWARD on Medium

Navigating the New Freelance Economy

An old lighthouse against a starry sky

New generations of workers may never even enter any kind of traditional employment.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

We wanted to create a workspace that challenged our thinking and called on us to bring to our everyday work the principles of reconciliation. Our vision was to create a workspace that, for our team and our visiting colleagues and industry partners, promoted curiosity, sparked conversations, and challenged us to re-evaluate our relationship to the past, present and future.

This film documents the inspiration, process and outcomes of our ‘Reconciliation and Place’ project. It features art by Troy Firebrace, an emerging and entrepreneurial artist with a passion for championing unity and reconciliation, and furniture by WINYA, a majority Indigenous-owned and controlled profit-for-purpose business.
Matt Collier from RMIT FORWARD on Medium

Taming the Complexity Around Culture

Bundles of fence wire

Leaders across sectors are facing tectonic shifts as they adapt organisations and entire economies for the changing nature of work.

Sally McNamara from RMIT FORWARD on Medium

The Mother of All Skills

A pregnant woman cradles her baby.

Perhaps we could reframe life experiences like matrescence as the powerful upskilling experiences they are.

The Artist: Troy Firebrace

Troy Firebrace is a proud Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung man with a passion for sharing knowledge and championing unity and reconciliation. With each brushstroke, each conversation and each viewing of his work, he invites us on a journey to connect with Country, culture and each other.

Paperbark, a painting by Troy Firebrace.

‘Paperbark’, 2022, acrylic on canvas, by Troy Firebrace.