Our People.

Our People.

Our team comprises a Director, a team of Melbourne-based Development Partners and a global network of industry Fellows.

Our Development Partners are independent contributors with established careers and reputations in their respective fields. We flex according to what’s in focus, our project pipeline and the interests and availability of our ecosystem. Our 40 Industry Fellows from around the globe work with us to deepen our knowledge and accelerate outcomes. We ensure that our valued colleagues can move between the role of Industry Fellows and Development partners in ways that create value for all of us. Our ecosystem also includes recipients of our bursaries and scholarships and our project partners in RMIT Europe, with whom we build joint European projects.

Development Partner

Soolin Barclay

Soolin is a Development Partner at RMIT FORWARD, where she leads the Evaluation workstream.

Development Partner

Pete Cohen

Pete Cohen is an international management consultant with deep expertise in supporting organisational transformation.

Development Partner

Inder Singh

Inder is a development partner at RMIT FORWARD. He crafts tailored workforce development strategies that embrace innovation.


Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas is the inaugural director of FORWARD, RMIT’s Centre for Future Skills and Workforce Transformation.

Industry Fellow

Helen Babb-Delia

Diversity and inclusion expert.

Industry Fellow

Sally McNamara

Organisational development specialist.

Industry Fellow

Daniel Bluzer-Fry

Market research and media specialist.

Industry Fellow

Kate Spencer

Award-winning creative director.

Industry Fellows

Courtney Guilliatt, Organisations, people and change expert, Australia

Sami Mäkeläinen, expert in foresight, Australia/Finland

Monique Conheady, Chairperson & Non-Executive Director, Venture Partner & Advisor, Australia

David Cordover, entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor, Australia

Deanna Pantin Parrish, clinical instructor and lecturer on law at Harvard Law School, US

Sophia Woloschin, Product Practice Manager, AWS, Australia

Diana Wu David, future of work strategist, Hong Kong

Sam Spurlin, Organization design consultant, advisor, and coach, US

Nina Montgomery, Forbes 30 under 30, previously Design Director, IDEO, UK

Daniel Layne, CEO at QV Systems, UK

Josie Gibson, Director at CatalystFX and The Catalyst Network, Australia

Cass Sprong, director and founder, ENTHEOS Consulting, Australia

Lene Rachel Andersen, co-founder, president and systems thinker, Nordic Bildung, Denmark

Alex Young, Head of Business Growth and Innovation, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service, Australia

Peter Tullin, co-founder, REMIX Summits, Australia

Stephen Bartlett, Chief Technology Officer at Programa, Australia

Jerry Michalski, curator of the world’s largest mind map, US

Lexon Li, developer at Momatu, Australia

Antony McMullen, co-operative founder, developer and advocate for the common good, Australia

Matt Collier, culture and capability initiatives leader, Singapore

May Samali, leadership coach and facilitator and venture partner, US

Annabel Astbury, Head of Education, ABC, Australia

Sarah Lorimer, brand strategy and cultural insight, UK

Tony Hackett, host of StartupsRoundtable, Sydney

Chloe Beevers, experience curator, Australia

Julie-Anne VandenHoff, Chief People Officer, TMX Global, Australia

Khayshie Tilak Ramesh, Inclusion and Diversity Lead, MECCA Brands, Australia

Stowe Boyd, the ecology of work and the anthropology of the future, US

Peter Creeden, international freight, logistics and supply chain expert and strategic advisor, Australia

Andy Spence, workforce futurist, Portugal

Ed Wong, conference and community organiser, Australia

Aaron McEwan, VP of Research and Advisory, Gartner, Australia

Hans Van Dam, CEO, Conversation Design Institute, The Netherlands

Mark Cooray, MD, Linking Integrating, Australia

Simone Cicero, CEO, Boundaryless, Italy

Patrick Pittman, Partner at No Media Co, Canada

Megan Davies, Lead Storyteller, Spendlove and Lamb, Australia