Our Products and Services.

Our Products and Services

We customise a wide array of products and services for delivery to clients.

Our ecosystem partners offer many of these, and we help craft custom offers for local or international delivery.

Our ecosystem’s diversity and multidisciplinary spread means we can cover vast ground—from diversity to innovation, from career development to digital technology—all within our leading-edge delivery capability and fluid project management capabilities.


Tech New Entrants

Our society is navigating a digital skills shortage. Both in terms of sheer numbers and in terms of the diversity of the people who fill digital roles, there is a gap that we must overcome to keep pace with accelerating demand. We have explored the dynamics surrounding onboarding new entrants into technology roles, both from the perspective of the people organising intake programs in organisations and the experience of the new entrants themselves. Through a series of industry roundtables, an initial batch of insights has been synthesised and converted into resources designed to foster ongoing conversations and explorations.

With Diana Wu David, Senior Industry Fellow

Future Proof

Future Proof Your Career is a 20-week tailored development programme that addresses this malaise and sets people off with the energy and focus to do more, do it better, do it faster, and do it together. It is specifically crafted to enrol your people in your organisation’s strategy, mission, and vision in a way that deeply engages each person and inspires them. It is based on the best-selling book Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration.


Business Model Innovation

Our services for Business Model Innovation are designed to help organisations navigate the complexities of today’s dynamic business environment. Utilising a suite of modern methodologies and tools, including value proposition design, business model canvases, and business model patterns, FORWARD assists companies in reimagining their core strategies for value creation, delivery, and capture. The services focus on identifying and implementing innovative business models that drive sustainability, competitiveness, and growth.

With ecosystem partner Boundaryless

The Platform Design Ignite Program

The Platform Design Ignite Program helps organisations tackle two strategic challenges at once: explore new platformisation opportunities and instil platform thinking literacy among a large group of employees and many active teams. The ignite programs are ultra-scalable programs that allow many teams to share the same process, learning from each other and our facilitators at full pace with a strong multiplier effect: the possibility to use a shared methodology will allow you to achieve massive impacts with relatively lower investments and create a community of practice at the same time.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partner MPC International

Transformation for the ports, freight, logistics and shipping industries

With our ecosystem partner MPC International, we can provide training and development for the ports, freight, logistics and maritime sectors focused on digital transformation, supply chain management, change management, leadership and business strategy and global container management. Through a series of talks and workshops, we enable companies to enhance efficiency, resilience, and sustainability. In expert-led sessions, participants will gain invaluable insights into strategies for overcoming industry-specific challenges.

By FORWARD and Matt Collier, Senior Industry Fellow

Beyond Design Thinking

Today, leadership is a time of profound change. Knowledge workers are adjusting to new norms, adopting new ways of working and setting new expectations for when, where, and how they will work. We know that it can be difficult for individuals and organisations to chart a path forward that takes a holistic, systemic view. Our response is to blend Design Thinking — a solution-focused and human-centric process involving empathising with users — with the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) to create something more than another methodology.

From ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting

Find Your Flow

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, leaders often seek new and innovative ways to grow and develop. This coaching and learning program, delivered by our ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting, offers a one-of-a-kind experience tailored for leaders seeking a fresh approach to their personal leadership journey.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partners

LGBTIQA+ Inclusion 101

We offer clients from any industry an LGBTIQA+ Inclusion 101 face-to-face program suitable for executive leadership, senior leaders and team leaders. Programs can be customised but include the importance of LGBTIQA+ Inclusion, the lived experience of LGBTIQA+ individuals and communities, the diversity of the LGBTIQA+ acronym, intersectionality and how it relates to LGBTIQA+ inclusion, allyship and acts of support for LGBTIQA+ people.

From ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting

Inclusion of Diversity and Thinking

In collaboration with our ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting, we can organise immersive and experiential two-hour sessions tailored for groups and teams at any level of an organisation, from individual contributors to boards. Taking a strengths-based approach, individuals become aware of their own thinking preferences and increase their understanding of other team members.


Strategic Influence

Strategic Influence equips professionals with the skills and insights to shape and guide decision-making processes effectively. Through a combination of practical methodologies, applied research techniques such as ethnography and design thinking, participants will learn how to harness the power of influence to drive positive change, innovation, and outcomes.


PIVOTAL Evaluation

Organisations grapple with fundamental questions such as how agility can be maintained in the face of industry change or how to safeguard relevance and drive results with limited resources. Our systemic evaluation methodology, PIVOTAL, goes beyond data collection to create a comprehensive narrative that generates transformative insights.

With ecosystem partner The Ready

OS Exploratory Dialogues

OS Exploratory Dialogue programs are designed to provide larger participant groups with a genuine learning experience. Moving away from the one-way lectures typically used for larger groups, these 2-hour experiences stimulate participant insight through guided exploration of new ideas, concepts and principles through the lens of a single dimension from The Ready’s Operating System Canvas. The Exploratory Dialogues allow participants to process and activate new learning in an energising, participatory and focused way.



Made is a unique development program for future leaders. CEOs and executive teams are asked to recommend those people in their organisation who have been identified as the program’s high-potential leaders of the future. The program is for any high-potential future leader of any age, of any level of experience, in any functional position, and from any organisation, small or large, from any industry sector. Made is practical learning and development for future leaders, anchored in their organisations and through peer collaboration.

With ecosystem partner The Ready

Team Development: Decision Making & Authority

Our workplaces are, on the whole, the same as they were 50 years ago. Even with the evolution of Matrix structures, organisations are process, hierarchy, and reporting line-driven structures that create vast amounts of organisational debt, lag, and distance the organisation and its people from customers.

With ecosystem partner Cooperative Bonds

Co-operative Business Models

Co-operatives and mutuals are increasingly relevant in today’s business landscape. By prioritising shared value, community impact, and holistic outcomes, they empower employees to drive positive change. Whilst trade-offs exist, co-ops offer an innovative path forward. Through our expert partners who have deep experience in establishing and running co-operatives and mutuals, we can educate and support you across the journey from initial exploration to execution through to facilitating organisational renewal.

By FORWARD and ecosystem partners

Adaptive Leadership

The world is full of complex, low-likelihood and high-impact unpredictable events that can have costly, widespread knock-on effects. Traditional top-down leadership isn’t fast or flexible enough to deal with rapid change and complex challenges. On the other hand, adaptive leadership helps leaders adjust how they work to not just deal with a single problem but thrive.

With ecosystem partners The Conversation Design Institute

Conversation Design

FORWARD has partnered with The Conversation Design Institute (CDI, The Netherlands), the world’s leading industry training and certification organisation for conversational AI skills, to provide a unique programme of industry-ready reskilling and upskilling for roles in the growing conversational AI industry.

With ecosystem partner Transition Level

GenAI Bootcamp

Welcome to the frontier of innovation: Generative AI Boot Camp. Explore how this transformative technology reshapes the digital landscape, enhances creativity, and revolutionises productivity. From understanding the basics to mastering advanced applications, the sessions are designed to guide you through the world of GenAI, focusing on practical skills, holistic understanding, and ethical considerations.

With ecosystem partner Linking Integrating

Digital Prototyping

Digital prototypes are essential for modern organisations. They offer a low- risk way to explore innovative ideas and rapidly respond to market changes. This approach enables businesses to stay competitive by quickly testing and learning from new technologies.
Embracing digital prototypes creates a continuous improvement and adaptation culture, which is crucial for driving growth.


Humanising Organisations

Organisations are grappling with the challenges posed by the rapid pace of technological change and the shift towards digital workflows. Leadership and teams must be capable of adapting to new ways of working. Our Humanising Organisations program is designed to enrich corporate culture by intertwining neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence into the fabric of organisational practices.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partners

Change Resilience

Learning new skills requires change, and change takes energy. While a degree of stress is necessary for learning and growth, chronic stress is becoming an everyday norm for many—both at work and in life. If we are to meet the urgent upskilling and reskilling challenges , we must build change resilience skills to better adapt to the natural stress and anxiety that change brings because we will continue to face change at an increasing pace.


Leading with Excellence

FORWARD offers training for global businesses that wish to better understand the Australian business leadership context. We can construct custom training for businesses that covers the core principles of leadership and management that define Australian businesses.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partners

Effective Professionalism in Public Life

Our Effective Professionalism in Public Life training programs aim to provide immediate and long-term professional development for senior public officials who wish to become more effective in their roles and to prepare for career transitions.

By FORWARD and ecosystem partners

Women in Construction

There is an increasing focus on female participation in the construction industry, cited as Australia’s most male-dominated industry. Women occupy less than 2% of on-site roles, and only 12% of the workforce is women. While there has been some progress in recent years to increase opportunities to recruit, develop and retain women in construction, the industry continues to face significant challenges. There are structural and cultural impediments to women’s participation in the industry.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partner Spendlove and Lamb

Storytelling and divergent thinking

In an era where creativity reigns supreme, and the ability to think divergently is a coveted skill, storytelling may be a superpower. In collaboration with our ecosystem partners Spendlove and Lamb, we can organise immersive and experiential leadership sessions on the theme of Divergent Thinking. These sessions aim to unlock a team’s creative potential through an engaging and immersive experience.

By FORWARD and ecosystem partners

Design Fiction

We are experimenting with design fiction, a strategic envisioning tool for future forecasting, to understand and shape the future of work. This approach will help our stakeholders consider the consequences of their decision-making regarding workforce strategies and help shape policy issues regarding skills and workforce transformation that may have far-reaching consequences.

By FORWARD with ecosystem partner Nordic Bildung

Bildung as a leadership method

Our partners at Nordic Bildung have developed a groundbreaking approach to leadership that equips leaders with the tools and mindset needed to thrive in the 21st century. The Business Bildung method is centred on meaning-making, systems thinking, and continuous learning.

From ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting

A Practical Approach to Systems Thinking

This immersive workshop equips participants with a solid grounding in systems thinking and systems leadership through a blend of theory, hands-on activities, and practical tools. Attendees develop a shared understanding of taking a systems approach, identifying root causes, and crafting holistic solutions.

From ecosystem partners Entheos Consulting and CatalystFX

Igniting Your Systems Catalysts

This program, delivered by our ecosystem partners Entheos Consulting and CatalystFX, creates a safe space where your team can express themselves, connect, and explore their shared humanity. Through a curated discovery process, participants uncover their individual sense of purpose and how it aligns with your organisation’s purpose.

From ecosystem partner Entheos Consulting

Sheoak Leadership Program

The Sheoak Leadership Program is designed to grow with you, providing a dynamic and adaptable learning experience that evolves alongside your leadership journey. Like the resilient Sheoak tree, our program equips leaders with the skills and mindset needed to bend, not break, in the face of adversity.

From ecosystem partners Entheos Consulting

Systems Change and Transformation

This workshop introduces the Berkana Two Loop Change model, a powerful framework for understanding how human living systems change and evolve. Through interactive exploration and application of the model to their organisational context, team members will gain insights into the various roles they and their stakeholders play in enabling or hindering change.