Our Projects and Themes.

Our Projects and Themes.

The universe of the ‘Future of Work’ is enormous, but its agenda has been impoverished by being too narrow, too theoretical and disconnected from the rapidly changing social, cultural, economic, political and technological landscape.

Our rigorous ideation methodology has allowed us to identify productive and essential projects and themes that drive our work.

Our agile-infused portfolio management process enables us to monitor, track, pivot, and merge projects as they evolve.

Here are some of the projects and themes we are working on.

Some of them align with our products and services, but many are overarching themes in which we are interested and from which we ideate new products and services.

The Freelance Economy

Image of illustrated people sitting at desks and working by Midjourney.

We have developed the Co-operative Freelancers Society, a human-centered approach to satisfying freelancers’ needs. This initiative brings freelancers together within a self-governing, member-owned cooperative, fostering a community where resources and knowledge are shared.

Understanding the Future through Design Fiction

Image of futuristic chairs by Midjourney.

We are experimenting with design fiction, a strategic envisioning tool for future forecasting, to understand and shape the future of work. This approach will help our stakeholders consider the consequences of their decision-making regarding workforce strategies and help shape policy issues regarding skills and workforce transformation that may have far-reaching consequences.

DAOs, Collaborative Work and Organisations

Image of network of people and desks by Midjourney.

We are exploring a tokenised approach to our ecosystem and investigating the applications of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in supporting freelance workers and assisting workforce partners in developing new forms of governance.

Generative AI and work, organisations and technology

We apply generative AI in the future skills landscape in ways that translate into practical outcomes to help Victoria and Australia gain a leading-edge understanding of the potential impacts and how they can shape the work and skills agenda.

The Redesign of Work, Learning and Technology

We bring Bildung‘s philosophy of self-development to practical life and apply it to challenges in lifelong learning, multigenerational workforces, skills development, First Nations Peoples’ knowledge and creativity, resilience and well-being.

Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging

We identify, support and train the skills and practices that support diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments. We emphasise cultivating inclusive and diverse leadership as a crucial aspect of its approach.

Change Resilience

We focus on equipping leaders with the necessary skills to manage change effectively and build resilience within their teams. We help workforce partners create adaptive systems that support cultivating change-resilience skills.

Credentials and Skills

Nurturing talent within the workforce and helping them grow and adapt their skills in alignment with the industry’s changing needs is now a priority. Versatility and agility are essential, along with new ways to recognise skills through flexible and modern credentials.

The New Leadership

We deliver Made, a global leadership program that provides practical, applied learning experiences for emerging and aspiring leaders that help them build a skillset to face the unique demands of leading the future workforce.

Experience Design

We help organisations develop experiences that will be resilient in the face of change, and help organisations experience design where we work so that space and place that goes from a place to work to a place to be.

Longlife Learning

We create new conceptions and practical applications of long-life learning that emphasise flexible, on-demand, continually updated forms of learning that are deployable into the economy.

Indigenous Ways of Knowing, Being and Acting

We are driving an agenda that leverages the deep-rooted knowledge and practices of Australia’s First Peoples to reshape the understanding and approach to work and collaboration.

The New Urbanism Work Lab

The New Urbanism Work Lab project involves creating an innovative space with interactive furniture, worktech, and design fiction elements. This unique environment is designed to provide first-hand insights into workers’ lived experiences in a rapidly changing work landscape.

Conversational AI

We are expanding our conversational AI offerings in collaboration with the Conversation Design Institute in the Netherlands. This partnership is focused on co-designing, delivering, and credentialing courses in conversational AI, demonstrating the value of strategic partnering with global industry leaders to deliver in-demand skills solutions rapidly.

Remoderning the Organisation

Our workplaces are, on the whole, the same as they were 50 years ago. Even with the evolution of Matrix structures, organisations are process, hierarchy, and reporting line-driven structures that create vast amounts of organisational debt, lag, and distance the organisation and its people from customers. We are exploring how our ecosystem can be extended and grown using platform concepts.

The Secret Life of Skills

We want to find what’s under the surface of the skills narrative and access the lived experience of skills, upskilling and reskilling. The Secret Life is Skills aims to do this. At its essence, it is journalism crossed with some ethnographically-inspired looking-for, finding-out and sensemaking, blended with material culture studies crossed with a pinch of design fiction.